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Team Tomic closes ranks as critics mount

Written By komlim puldel on Minggu, 04 November 2012 | 23.08

Nine News image from footage of Bernard Tomic being booked by police on the Gold Coast. Picture: Channel 9
Source: Supplied

BERNARD Tomic's father and coach John has hit out at claims the tennis wonder kid is burnt out and descending into a downward spiral.

The 20-year-old star, who faces a courtroom hearing on driving charges on the Gold Coast tomorrow, made headlines yet again this week after another run-in with police at a Surfers Paradise resort.

Tennis greats have said Tomic needs an extended break from the game - and his dad - but John Tomic said the world No.49's career was still on track.

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Mail, Tomic Sr said there was no crisis.

"In the Tomic camp and the Tomic family there's still plenty of energy to deliver the desire that we had 10 years ago," he said. "We have to work hard to be a success and that is what we will do."

The young star reportedly arrived on the Gold Coast with a goal to down the racquets for a month and "run amok".

For most of the world's stars, November is a rare month off ahead of preparations for a relentless 11-month season.

"We are in the off-season," John Tomic said. "We will start again at the end of the month."

Roger Rasheed says Bernard Tomic needs to step away from tennis to settle his off-court issues.

He refused to comment on calls from some of Australia's most respected tennis figures that Bernard needs a break from the game and his father should hand over the coaching reins to somebody else.

Police confronted Tomic and a friend at the Moroccan Apartments in Surfers Paradise on Monday morning after reports the pair were brawling in a high-rise hot tub after a birthday bender.

No charges were laid and the incident was dismissed as a "misunderstanding", but it comes at a poor time for a young man battling a plummeting world ranking and a public image crisis.

Some close to Tomic fear his father has driven him to the edge of burnout.

Tomic admitted he had endured a difficult year but was optimistic he would "have a better year next year".

Tennis figures on the Gold Coast are not surprised to see Tomic struggling.

But for every hater in his home town, there is someone willing to speak glowingly. Even the mother of his ex-girlfriend, glamorous model Donay Meijer, thinks he has been hard done by.

Nine News image from footage showing Bernard Tomic's 'brawl' with a friend. Picture: Channel 9

"He was always very respectful towards me and my family," she said.

Professor Mark Kebbell from Griffith University's school of applied psychology said Tomic's behaviour was not rare among young celebs.

"He is a young man with an incredible amount of money and with that comes an incredible amount of temptation," he said.

A former friend said Tomic's youth was filled with a single-minded dream to be the No.1 tennis player in the world and drive a Ferrari.

"John came from no money at all, but he was highly intelligent and making money became incredibly important to them," the friend said.

A tennis associate recalls John Tomic as a strict disciplinarian. "If Bernard would stuff up a shot on the practice court his dad would be in to him all the time," he said.

"There were stories of John forcing Bernard to do push-ups in the rain. It's no wonder Bernard seems to be rebelling."

Tennis player Bernard Tomic appearing at Southport Court on driving charges. Pictured with high-profile lawyer Chris Nyst. Pics Tim Marsden

Tomic will face Southport Magistrates Court tomorrow with high-profile defence lawyer Chris Nyst for the start of a two-day hearing into his run-in with police on Australia Day.

He had previously pleaded not guilty to the charges.

-- with Marco Monteverde

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Makeover magic for reality TV nerds

Before and after: Beauty and the Geek contestant Dane Gade. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

Unlikely couple: Dane and Alin. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

BEAUTY and the Geek contestant Dane Gade and his geek cohorts are living proof that you can polish a nerd.

The 19-year-old reality show contestant last week underwent a makeover transformation on the show, along with fellow geek Cody Davies, with amazing results.

In this week's 90-minute special, the rest of the geeks weather the indignity of the tanning booth and the pain of waxing to emerge changed men – on the outside at least.

Gade promises them the regime is worth it – although his own transformation took a while to sink in.

It wasn't because of the shock of losing his beard, huge chunks of his hair and having his beloved runners consigned to the rubbish bin.

It's just that when celebrity stylist Henry Roth and his team made Gade ditch his heavy-framed glasses for a more up-to-date style, the wrong prescription ended up in the lenses.

"Basically, I couldn't see a thing," Gade confesses.

"I had to walk right up to the mirror, because I couldn't actually see myself."

"The whole night of filming I really wasn't sure how the makeover had turned out.

"It wasn't until I had the chance to put my old glasses on that I got to see finally see the full effect."

"Seeing myself without a beard was weird, because before it went I'd never had it so big and scruffy."

He has stuck with the new improved version of himself, but admits he lapses occasionally.

"I have tried to stay beardless, but I got a bit lazy," he says.

"My Gran tells me to shave it when it gets too much.

"It's difficulty to maintain the clothes, especially on a university budget.

""But I don't wear my joggers and jeans any more.

"Well I do, sometimes, but don't tell Alin (Alin Charles, Gade's "beauty" on the show) that.

"I do wear them occasionally, but I know that I shouldn't. So that's progress."

One thing Gade has no plans to replicate is his spray tanning experience. He didn't mind the result, but the humiliation wasn't worth it.

He laughs that he's still mentally scarred by the experience of having to don a C-string.

For the uninitiated, a C-string is a wisp of material which barely covers the nether regions, but ensures no tan lines when you have a spray tan. Basically, whether you're male or female there's pretty much no quicker way to strip your dignity.

"It didn't leave much to the imagination, put it that way," Gade says.

"It was virtually just a sock.

"My only regret of the whole show experience is the C-string. How do I stress just how awkward the tanning experience was? I haven't gone back. I'm still white as a ghost."

His advice as the rest of the geeks undergo their transformations this week is to just roll with it.

"It was like an extreme boot camp trying to get me from one point in my life to another point, and it worked," he says.

"At first you feel exposed and vulnerable, but then you see the response and yes, it feels pretty good.

"Alin described it best.

"She said: "Your voice is coming out but it just doesn't look like you".

He had never cared about his appearance, but says the experience has taught him two things.

Firstly, it's OK to care about outward appearances, and secondly, whether we like it of not, that same look can affect how you're perceived.

He warns that the biggest changes on the show might are not confined to the geeks.

"The geeks might have the biggest physical transformation, but to be honest, I believe the girls changed equally as much as what the guys did," he said.

"I know Alin never expected to be friends with geeks before and now she and I remain really good friends.

"I went on the show basically because I wanted to learn how to communicate properly with women in a way that I could convert friends into girlfriends.

"I just really needed help, apparently.

"I thought I was fine and then one of my friends told me to think back to my first girlfriend and my last girlfriend.

"Turned out they were the same person, and I was about 13 or 14. The most we did was hold hands."

He confesses that's changed now.

"I'm back at uni, exams are looming, I probably look a little less awkward at classes, and finding it a lot easier to break the ice with the girls."

He neatly dodges the question of whether he has a girlfriend.

Seems he's also learned the value of a bit of mystery.

Beauty and the Geek

Thursday 8pm, Seven

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Can you ever go back to an ex?

Can you ever go back to an ex? Here are some tips to keep in mind. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

WHEN someone wants to go back to a past love, many might think "You can never go back" but here's how to know for sure.

1. Refresh your memory

Whether you dated a long time ago or not, it's important to truthfully remember your past love relationship exactly as it was, not how you fondly think back on it now. And don't just rely on your memory.

Look at pictures, read old notes and letters, or whatever you have. Talk to family and friends who knew you then, and knew the two of you as a couple back then. Ask them what they remember and ask them what they recall was great about you as a couple.

Also ask them to tell you how they think you have changed or if they know your past love now, how they have changed too. You don't have to accept their opinions, but everything you hear gives you information to make good choices for yourself.

2. Listen to their story

A relationship is not a one sided experience, of course. So as you start communicating once again with your first love, especially with regard to dating again, it's important that you spend some focused attention on listening to their life story.

You want to tuck what you think you know about them away and try to get to know them again almost as if they were a brand new person to you. Do not work from assumptions that they are the person you once loved.

They may have changed in unexpected ways. And they have a life history that has shaped them too, and you need to get to know them all over again. You can choose to sit together and tell each other your stories, or you can reminisce together about some of the favourite times you shared and see if those common interests are still there or not.

3. Make sure you want the same things this time around

It is too tempting to assume the person you loved once before is still the person you can easily fall in love with now.

Why do you each want to rekindle things? Are you on the same page? Do you want to start a fresh relationship as older and wiser adults, or does one of you simply want to finish what was started then and isn't interested in a long-term relationship? Perhaps the relationship wasn't sexual and one of you wants to make it that way now. Are your eyes open and do you both want the same things?

4. Take it slow and heed any red flags

You've waited this long to be together again and much like dating a friend, there is a lot to lose by going back to someone. You have fond memories (or else you wouldn't consider rekindling things) and it would be a shame to ruin those by rushing into something together now.

Don't jump into bed or a serious relationship right away without dating first and taking the time to get to know one another. And if there are any red flags, heed them. Don't be seduced with the idea that going back to your past love will be your fairytale happily ever after – every relationship, rekindled or new, has its challenges and is very real.

Take off your rose-coloured glasses and remember that. And then give this relationship as sincere an effort this time around as you did when you first fell in love.

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Administrator appointed for Autodom

Collapsed car parts maker Autodom will now be overseen by an administrator. Picture: Ian Currie Source: Herald Sun

HOLDEN and Ford are assessing when their car factories will resume production after an administrator was appointed to oversee collapsed parts maker Autodom late this afternoon.

Both car makers will decide by the end of Monday whether or not they will need to bring forward any more rostered days off.

Holden was due to resume production at its Elizabeth factory near Adelaide on Tuesday and Ford resume production at Broadmeadows near Melbourne on Wednesday following "down" days that were in place before the Autodom closure last Thursday.

But it now seems likely both Holden and Ford car making factories will be delayed at least one more day each.

Holden spokesman Craig Cheetham told News Limited: "We have been working over the weekend to assess the impact of Autodom's collapse. We are doing our best to minimise the impact on our production. We will know more by the close of business Monday."

Adding to negotiating difficulties, it is a public holiday in Melbourne on Tuesday for the Melbourne Cup horse carnival.

Toyota says it has enough parts to carry its Altona car making operations through to Christmas, but it will be affected by the 260 body panels Autodom made for its spare parts division.

Representatives from Autodom issued a statement confirming Macks Advisory had been appointed voluntary administrators over the company which makes critical body parts for Australia's three car manufacturers.

The statement said in part: "The administrators have taken control of the [Autodom] companies and all of their operations with immediate effect.

"The administrators [are] now working through the financial positions of the seven companies and commencing talks with key players in the automotive industry, the group's secured creditors, unions representatives and government to assess immediately available options.

"The administrators have lodged the requisite notices to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Australian Stock Exchange.

"As Voluntary Administrators, we have taken control of the assets of the companies and begun the task of assessing the positions of each company."

Meanwhile the car workers' union says the newly appointed administrator should try to keep the business going.

It said it had been forced to close after the breakdown of negotiations with key stakeholders to ensure the company's operations were sustainable.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) says it is essential Autodom keeps operating because it supplies parts to Ford, Holden and Toyota on a just-in-time basis, in an industry that employs 200,000 people.

AMWU assistant Victorian state secretary Leigh Diehm says the union is working to make sure everything that can be done to keep work in Autodom, is.

"The decision to go into administration means we have to look at a range of options to keep things going," Mr Diehm said.

He'll be talking to Work Place Relations Minister Bill Shorten about the support role the federal government can play as well as the Baillieu government in Victoria.

"We now all have a responsibility to explore the possibilities made available by the state of the company's management, including what financial arrangements there are to get back to work and make sure workers aren't simply blamed," he said.

The risk now is that Holden and Ford will run out of parts by the middle of this week, with Toyota saying it could last until Christmas.

Earlier this year, Holden received a $275 million federal and state government assistance package to develop two new cars in Australia to ensure the future of its local manufacturing operations to at least 2022.

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Goodrem suffers serious burns

Delta Goodrem has suffered burns to her legs. Picture: David Caird Source: Herald Sun

SINGER Delta Goodrem has assured fans she will be fit enough to perform at her scheduled Melbourne concerts next week, despite suffering nasty burns to her legs in a bizarre accident last Friday.

Goodrem was forced to flee the stage half-way through her second Sydney show last night to seek medical treatment for burns.

It is understood she injured herself on her vocal steamer, while warming up for her concert in her hotel room.

She is recovering well and will attend the Melbourne Cup as planned.

She will also perform at Hamer Hall on Wednesday and Thursday night.

"Unfortunately the pain and effects from treating the burns got greater and greater as the night progressed and ultimately there came a point that I could not continue performing," Ms Goodrem said in a statement.

"I want everyone to know that I am recovering well and will be in fine form for my forthcoming Melbourne shows next week. Thank you again for your support and understanding."

Promoter Paul Dainty said patrons at the Sydney concert would be entitled to a 50 per cent refund.

Earlier the Dainty Group, who are promoting Goodrem's national tour, issued a statement on its Facebook site: "Delta Goodrem give her Sydney audience a stunning performance this evening considering she had sustained burns in the late afternoon from a steam accident in her hotel.

"She was determined to do the show for her fans and took to the stage knowing she had the full support of everyone in the theatre. Delta will rest for the weekend in preparation for the Melbourne concerts next week.''

One of Goodrem's fans tweeted that the songstress had tried valiantly to perform on Saturday night until, overcome by pain, she had to leave the stage.

"Delta came out on stage and after a couple of songs, confessed to the audience, how much pain she was really in and rolled up her pants, revealing the bandaged to cover her legs.

"Her band and back up singers explained that she should be resting but she didn't want to disappoint anyone.

"Delta went on through the beginning of the show with tears streaming down her face and after the third time of the pain reaching an unbearable state.

"She apologised quietly to the audience in tears and limped off stage. She was unable to continue with the show,'' the tweet said.

Fans are rallying behind The Voice coach online sending get well messages to Goodrem on Twitter and Facebook.

Ticketmaster will contact all patrons regarding the refund procedure.

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Sam's out but Layla's on his mind

Sam and Layla kiss goodbye. Picture: Channel 9 Source: Supplied

Big Brother 2012 housemate Sam Wallace has been evicted from the house. Picture: Channel 9 Source: Supplied

BIG Brother's glamour couple Sam and Layla have been torn from each other's arms after 21-year-old Gold Coast waiter Sam Wallace was evicted from the house tonight three days before the finale.

Sam, from Mermaid Beach, polled just seven percent of the viewer vote, far behind the frontrunner Estelle on 24 percent of the vote, followed by Ben (20) and Layla (18).

But with the running tally revealed for the first time last night, fans of Michael (16) and Zoe (15) are likely to hit the phones or the web to vote to save them from Monday night's double eviction.

The eviction will leave the remaining contestants with a one in three chance of winning a quarter of a million dollars at Wednesday's grand finale.


For his part, Sam predicts British beauty Layla will win (she's promised to give him her car if she does apparently) and said they hope to continue their relationship outside of the house.

"That's something Layla and I need to think about when she gets out," he said.

"We've definitely spoken about it and we're very excited to see where it goes."

According to Sportsbet, 26-year-old Brisbane advertising copywriter Michael Beveridge is currently the favourite to win, with Melbourne law student Estelle Landy and Gold Coast beautician Layla Subritzky, both 24, close behind.

Complicating the final days in the house is the blossoming relationship between former foes Michael and Estelle.

He claimed to hate her, she wanted to punch him but now they're an item.

The question is: has Michael had a genuine change of heart or is he just being strategic in order to ride into the finale off of Estelle's obvious popularity?

"It could quite possibly be a strategy and if it is, it's quite a smart one on Michael's part because he knows how popular Estelle is," said Sam

But the again, many asked similar questions about Sam and Layla's relationship - was it a strategic move by an intruder who joined the house a month late and wanted to increase his chance of staying until the end?

"My only strategy was to be myself and it just happened I got to meet beautiful Polish princess Layla," he said

He admits he found it challenging being an intruder in his early days in the house, because the housemates had already former friendships and alliances.

"The hardest thing about being an intruder was breaking into the existing relationships," he said.

"It was very difficult."

Sam, who has done some modelling, said he's excited about the future but doesn't have any firm plans to use his newfound fame to help his career.

"I'm an opportunist and I will just see what happens," he said.

"If anything gets thrown my way I will be very happy. If it doesn't, I was happy being a waiter and I'll be happy to go back to it."

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Bad apps reported to inquiry

SMARTPHONE apps that fail to work or have hidden charges will be the target of a new government inquiry.

Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury will refer mobile commerce and the use of apps for entertainment, banking and shopping to the federal government's Consumer Affairs Advisory Council today.

He is urging the public to "name and shame" app vendors who sell apps that don't work, are inappropriate or contain hidden charges.

The inquiry will look into different ways to improve parental controls on apps, as many can easily be downloaded by children using stored credit card details on smartphones or tablets.

"While consumers are using mobile devices and apps to help them shop and access services, some consumers have also expressed concern at the way some apps require you to make additional purchases to keep the app functioning, without properly disclosing the situation," Mr Bradbury said.

"We're inviting people to come forward and name and shame some of the worst offenders."

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Aust's lowest paid the third lowest taxed

AUSTRALIA'S lowest paid workers are also among the lowest taxed, a report says.

A study by chartered accountant UHY Haines Norton found that a single, unmarried Australian whose take-home pay was up to $US25,000 ($A24,141) a year had the third-lowest personal tax rate.

Only Japan and the United Arab Emirates were ahead of Australia in the study, which covered 25 countries including all members of the Group of Eight (G8) nations, as well as the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

UHY tax partner James Tng said the report suggested Australia had found a balance between a progressive and competitive tax system.

"There has been a general easing of the tax rates of low- and middle-income earners over the past decade, beginning with the introduction of the GST in 2000," Mr Tng said in a statement.

"Australia also wasn't forced to raise personal taxes due to the fiscal strength of our economy prior to the global financial crisis where there was little debt and very little in the way of the social security hurdles compared to other European economies."

Australians with take home pay of $US200,000 ($A193,000) were the 14th lowest taxed in the survey.

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