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Four killed in Connecticut plane crash

Written By komlim puldel on Minggu, 11 Agustus 2013 | 23.08

A firefighter surveys the crash scene in in East Haven, Connecticut. Picture: AP Source: AP

Investigators in the Connecticut plane crash that killed four people say they've found no obvious signs there was anything wrong with the plane.

Crews removed charred sections of the plane as National Transportation Safety Board investigators worked to determine the cause of the crash.

NTSB investigator Patrick Murray said the plane was upside down upon impact at about a 60 degree angle.

He said the pilot was making his first approach to the airport and did not declare an emergency before the crash.

Before analysing any data, Murray said at a news conference in New Haven: "We don't have any indication there was anything wrong with the plane."

A preliminary NTSB report on the crash is expected within 10 business days. A more in-depth report could take up to nine months.

Authorities previously said as many as six people could have been killed.  Two children, ages 1 and 13, have been missing since the plane crashed into their home.

Firefighters work at the scene of the plane crash. Picture: AP

Earlier, it was revealed a former Microsoft executive and his teenage son were among four people killed after the plane crashed into two houses as it tried to land at a nearby Connecticut airport on Friday.

Emergency crews pulled the bodies of pilot Bill Henningsgaard, his passenger son Maxwell, 17, and two young children in a home struck by the plane, from the site on Friday night.

East Haven Fire Department deputy chief Anthony Moscato said the bodies were found just before midnight and are believed to be the only victims.

The multi-engine, propeller-driven plane struck the two small homes near Tweed New Haven Airport just before noon Friday (2am AEST). The aircraft's left wing lodged in one house and its right wing in the other.

The 10-seater plane, a Rockwell International Turbo Commander 690B, flew out of Teterboro Airport in New Jersey before crashing.

The remains of the victims were sent to the Connecticut medical examiner's office as the National Transportation Safety Board continued its investigation of the crash.

A family member said the pilot was former Microsoft executive Bill Henningsgaard, who was taking his son, Maxwell, on an East Coast tour of colleges.

The family learned it was Bill Henningsgaard's plane through the tail number, said his brother, Blair Henninsgaard, the city attorney in Astoria, Oregon.

It wasn't his first crash.

In April 2009, Henningsgaard was flying a small plane from Astoria to Seattle when the engine quit and he tried to glide back to the airport. As he wrote 10 days later on a blog post, the plane crashed into the Columbia River after a harrowing five-minute descent. He and his mother, a former Astoria mayor, climbed out on a wing and were rescued.

Henningsgaard was a member of Seattle-based Social Venture Partners, a foundation that helps build up communities. The foundation extended its condolences to his wife and two daughters.

"There are hundreds of people that have a story about Bill - when he went the extra mile, when he knew just the right thing to say, how he would never give up. He was truly all-in for this community, heart, mind and soul," the foundation wrote in a post on its website.

Tweed's airport manager, Lori Hoffman-Soares, said the pilot had been in communication with air traffic control and hadn't issued any distress calls.

"All we know is that it missed the approach and continued on," she said.

A neighbour, David Esposito, said he heard a loud noise and then a thump: "No engine noise, nothing."

"A woman was screaming her kids were in there," he said.

Esposito, a retired teacher, said he ran into the upstairs of the house, where the woman believed her children were, but he couldn't find them after frantically searching a crib and closets. He returned downstairs to search some more, but he dragged the woman out when the flames became too strong.

He spent 14 years at Microsoft in various marketing and sales positions, according to his biography on Social Venture Partners website. He was a longtime board member at Youth Eastside Services, a Bellevue, Washington-based agency that provides counselling and substance-abuse treatment, and led the organisation's $US10.7 million ($11.7 million) fundraising campaign for its new headquarters, which opened in 2008.

A vigil for the victims of the crash is planned for Saturday night at Margaret Tucker Park in East Haven.

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Rogers ton puts Aussies in charge

A maiden Test century to Chris Rogers has guided Australia to 5/222 at stumps on Day Two in Durham, trailing England by just 16 runs.

VETERAN opener Chris Rogers scored his maiden Test century, as he combined with Shane Watson to put Australia back on top after the second day of the fourth Test at Chester-le-Street.

Rogers and Watson came together just after lunch with Australia in deep trouble at 4-76, and the English bowlers making good use of ideal swing-bowling conditions.

The pair then forged a vital 126 stand that turned fortunes Australia's way, before Watson became England paceman Stuart Broad's fourth victim, caught down the legside for 68.


Australia was 5-222, with Rogers 101 and Brad Haddin 12 when bad light stopped play. That left them just 16 runs short of England's first innings 238.

Rogers, 35, became the second-oldest Australian batsman to record his debut century, behind Arthur Richardson who was 37 and 351 days when he scored his first century against England at Leeds in 1926.

Chris Rogers reflects on his maiden Test century on Day Two at Durham that put Australia in control of the Fourth Test.

Although not before Rogers experienced some anxious moments in the nineties. Twice, he almost spooned catches to the circling fielders; then spent 30 minutes stranded on 96, before finally sweeping his tormentor, English off-spinner Graeme Swann, for four.

When the milestone finally came, Rogers seemed more numb than elated. It took some time for the first-class journeyman to raise his arms and celebrate a moment he must have thought, having played his lone Test before this series against India in 2008, would never come.


Watson, demoted to No.6 for this Test having failed to re-establish himself in his favoured opening position, played an almost equally valuable role in Australia's recovery, with an unusually measured innings.

Both Rogers and Watson were given lives. Rogers was dropped at second slip by Swann when on 49, and Tim Bresnan grassed a sharp caught and bowled from Watson when he was 5.

Chris Rogers brings up his first Test hundred at age 35, and the look on his face tells the whole story.

Rogers also had to survive the uncertainties of the DRS.

First, an LBW referral by Broad was refused. Later, Rogers was given out caught behind. But, after his referral, Hot Spot showed the ball had hit his pad. However, to Broad's annoyance, the replay also showed Rogers would have been LBW if the umpire had given him out for that.


Otherwise, against some devilish swing bowling under a cloudy sky, Rogers and Watson repaired the early damage done by Broad who took Australia's first three wickets in a brilliant pre-lunch spell.

Broad, who finished with 4-48, bowled David Warner for three when the Australian opener attempted a cramped, defensive shot with an angled bat. Then, in his next over, Usman Khawaja was caught behind for a duck.

It was a particularly disappointing return from Warner, who had been elevated to his preferred position at the top of the order after batting at No.6 in the third Test.

Captain Michael Clarke, so often the saviour, was also caught by Prior, his swat at Broad's ball well outside off stump an uncharacteristic mistake.


Rogers and Steve Smith took Australia to lunch. But, immediately, after the resumption, Smith was caught behind sparring at a ball from Bresnan he should have left.

Earlier, Australia had taken little time to complete the day's housekeeping, wrapping up the England innings without allowing them to add to their overnight score.

Jackson Bird got justified reward for his tight and probing bowling on the first day, when he bowled James Anderson for 16. Although not before hitting the England No.11 with a bouncer, and breaking his helmet.

Nathan Lyon finished with 4-42, which comprised the top order wickets of Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell and Jonny Bairstow.


Chris Rogers brought up his maiden Test hundred on day two at Chester-le-Street.

DRS caused confusion again with Chris Rogers being the subject this time.

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News you missed while you were sleeping

Six people were killed when hot lava from Mount Rokatenda volcano overtook their village. Three thousand people have been evacuated. Picture: AFP Source: AFP

Brekkie Wrap: While you were sleeping, six people who were sleeping in their Indonesian village were killed by hot lava from a volcano, and the Swedes have been warned over testicle-munching fish.

Gushing hot lava from erupting Mount Rokatenda volcano has killed six people sleeping in a beach village in Indonesia. The volcano shot ash and smoke 2000 metres into the air, a disaster official said, and more than 3000 people were evacuated.

Also overnight, Swedish men have been warned not to swim nude, after a fish that has a taste for testicles was found in a lake. The pacu fish, a relative of the piranha, is known for its attacks on male genitalia and has been nicknamed the "ball cutter" in its native South America. There are even reports of fishermen who have bled to death after losing their testicles to the fish.

In news that would thrill/horrify Cartman, more than a hundred redheads have taken to the streets for the UK's first Ginger Pride march. Organisers said they wanted to protest against "gingerism" and let youngsters know "it gets redder". Picture: South Park Source: No Source

Meanwhile, a grandma has opted for her iPad over anaesthetic during knee surgery, the eight-year-old boy whose Kiwi mum fought to stop him getting radiation therapy is cancer-free, red heads have marched in a Ginger Pride parade in the UK, Domino's Pizza can't take a compliment, four bodies including a former Microsoft executive and two children have been pulled from the wreckage of a Connecticut plane that crashed into a suburban home and police have busted 75 in an alleged people-smuggling ring.

US President Barack Obama says he and Russian President Vladimir Putin get along fine - it's just that Mr Putin has a "slouch" that makes him look like "the bored kid in the back of the classroom". Picture: AP Source: AP

US President Barack Obama says he and Russia's Vladimir Putin get along fine, even if Putin does look like a "bored kid in class" in their awkward photo ops. At least fifty-two people have been killed in attacks as Iraqis celebrated the end of Ramadan, Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant has begun pumping toxic water, and new documents show sex and romance flourished in the offices of disgraced financier Bernard Madoff even if real investing did not.

In entertainment news, Chris Brown says doctors have put his seizure down to stress from his legal woes and negativity from haters, Chris Hemsworth has shed his Thor 2 muscle so he could Rush, Usher will keep custody of his sons after one of his boys was nearly killed in a pool accident, and Michael Jackson's family says they tried to keep the singer off drugs.

At the Ashes overnight, Chris Rogers has celebrated his first team-saving Test century, highlighting the hiatus in Australia's ever-suspect batting and as England bowler Stuart Broad questioned the "odd" LBW decision. In other sports news, Jess Trengove has produced the best-ever performance by an Australian female marathoner at a world championships and Australian Olympic sailing champion Mathew Belcher and crewmate Will Ryan have won the men's 470 class world championships. In soccer, Wayne Rooney took to Facebook to thank England's coach for selecting him for next week's friendly, and Arsenal have shown why they are after Luis Suarez by scraping through to a win over Manchester City in Helsinki.

If you skipped a Brekkie Wrap this week, here's where you can catch up:

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Thursday - Speeding woman can't outrun lie

Wednesday - Boy bashed as bus driver looks on

Tuesday - Bombshell charges against beauty queen

Monday - Ex-skinhead, victim's son unite

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The Tourist spots where Aussies end up dead

Travelling can be amazing and full of fun but isn't without its risks. Picture: ThinkStock Source: Supplied

MILLIONS of Australians travel each year without even so much as a hitch, yet hundreds more wind up in hospital, in jail or in the worst case scenario - dead.

But if you think it's just war-torn countries, sheer bad luck or a drunken night out in Bali that pose the greatest risk to intrepid Aussies, think again.

As it turns out, more Australians are in jail in the US than any other country and we face the greatest risk of dying while travelling through Thailand - at least if believe the statistics.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 90 Australians were arrested or in jail in the US alone on December 31, 2012.

This group made up a total of 572 Australians who had been arrested or were in jail overseas on the same date in countries including China, Thailand, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates.

And all up, the number of Aussies arrested overseas increased from 970 in 2007-2008 to 1181 in 2011-2012.

However it's not just the threat of jail tourists face.

Last year 111 Aussies died in Thailand, accounting for the largest number of deaths in one country, followed by The Philippines, 68, Greece, 50, and Indonesia 48 with 904 Aussies passing away all up.

And while tourists are advised against travelling to countries such as Afghanistan and Sudan, the figures show travellers can get into trouble in countries seen as relatively safe.

Other tourists find themselves in trouble for offences seen as harmless back in their own countries.

Here's a list of some of places where tourists have wound up going from having the holiday of a lifetime to the nightmare from hell.

Bali, Indonesia:

Bali has around eight million visitors a year and is a popular destinations for Aussies, but has gained a dangerous reputation in recent years, not just because of drugs and cheap alcohol.

Information released by the Department of Foreign Affairs reveal an Australian dies in Bali every nine days with 39 Australians passing away last year.

Another 93 sought consular assistance after being taken to hospital, while 36 were arrested, and 18 jailed.

Aussies are also finding themselves as victims of assault or disputes which have spiralled out of control.

Paul Conibeer who is in Bali's notorious Kerobokan prison Source: Supplied

In April an Australian tourist was raped at knifepoint.

The 28-year-old Perth tourist was attacked after being woken by an intruder who had entered her room at Villa Damais in Kerobokan.

Australian Paul Conibeer ended up in Kerobokan prison over an unpaid hotel bill in Kuta.

According to him, the dispute led to police involvement, but once he was in custody he claims police demanded bribe money to release him, which he wasn't able to pay.

Democratic Republic of the Congo:

Victorian surfer Jayden Irving spent 25 days locked in a Democratic Republic of the Congo prison after a surfing adventure went horribly wrong last year.

The 22-year-old was hitchhiking along the west coast of Africa, surfing the region's remote beaches when he ran into trouble over a visa issue.

Authorities accused him of plotting to bomb the president and interfere with the country's fibre-optic cable network.

It took the diplomatic approach of three countries to secure his release.

Jayden Irving was arrested on a beach in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Picture: Tony Gough Source: News Limited

Dubai, UAE:

Mate Deborah Dalelv found herself sentenced to 16 months in prison for extramarital sex after she reported being raped.

The 24-year-old claims Dubai police asked her: "Are you sure you called the police because you just didn't like it?''

She was later released and allowed to go back to Norway.

Two million Australians through Dubai each year with many unaware of the cultural practices which seem harmless here but are offences over there.

Female travellers and workers are particularly vulnerable to sexual assault.

Australian Alicia Gali was jailed for adultery for eight months in 2008 after she complained to police that her co-workers at a resort in nearby Fujairah drugged her and raped her.

Mate Deborah Dalelv had her 16-month sentence for having sex outside marriage dropped. Picture: AP Source: AP


The deadliest destination for Aussies with more of our countrymen dying here than in any other country last year with 111 passing away there last year.

Melbourne man Sebastian Eric Faulkner, 21, was the first Australian to die in Thailand in 2013 when he fell to his death from a Phuket hotel balcony early on New Year's Day.

Just this month, American Bobby Ray Carter, 51, died after he was stabbed twice in the chest while his son Adam, 27, suffered a stab wound to his arm, during a fight with members of the house band from the Longhorn Saloon in Krabi.

Police said the three musicians were arrested at the scene and confessed to stabbing the Americans.

United States

More than 900,000 Aussies visited the US in 2012-13, spurred on by the low US dollar and ease of travel.

But while the arrest rate may be higher here for travellers than elsewhere, it is still regarded as fairly safe country for Australian travellers.

Port Adelaide player John McCarthy died during a trip to Las Vegas in September last year. His death was classified as an accident.

AFL player John McCarthy passed away while in America. Source: News Limited


This country which boasts large numbers of dual Australian citizens, was the next most likely spot for Australian passport holders to die, with 58 passing away last year, figures show.


A country growing in popularity, a trip to the Asian country is not without some risk.

Travellers have got into trouble through tubing accidents along the country's rivers and through drinking black-market alcohol.

Three young Australians died in Laos in tubing accident just last year.

Alexander Lee, 22, was found dead with his Dutch girlfriend in a Luang Prabang hotel and

Sydney man Lee Hudswell, 26, and Daniel Eimutis, 19, died in separate incidents while tubing in Vang Vieng in 2012.

Other travellers have suffered after drinking a black-market concoction called Lao-Lao whiskey, which has been blamed in travel blogs for people undertaking risky behaviour

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Tony promises a 'budgie-free zone'

Tony Abbott will run Sydney's City2Surf alongside vision-impaired athlete Nathan Johnstone.

TONY Abbott has rolled out more cash on his election spend-a-thon, committing $15 million to an anti-drowning policy.

The Opposition Leader made the announcement after finishing the City2Surf race in Bondi, Sydney.

Mr Abbott also committed up to $500,000 to the rebuilding of the North Bondi surf club.

Under the $15 million funding plan, $8 million will be provided directly to surf clubs, $2 million to the Beach Drowning Black Spot Reduction program and $1 million to assist AUSTSWIM.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in the City2Surf 2013 with Nathan Johnston. Picture: Gary Ramage

Mr Abbott was flanked by his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull who he described as his "friend".

Tony Abbott and Nathan Johnston meet other competitors before the start of the City2Surf 2013. Picture: Rebekah Cavanagh

He wouldn't say exactly how the new spending would be funded, only to reference the $17 billion in savings the Coalition had already outlined.

"You will see more savings announced as this campaign goes on," Mr Abbott said.

Asked why he was not wearing his budgie smugglers for today's announcement, Mr Abbott said they wouldn't be making an appearance on the campaign.

"I think election campaigns should be budgie-free zones," he said.

Earlier this morning, the Opposition Leader completed the 14km race while acting as a guide for visually impaired triathlete Nathan Johnston with a race time of 1 hour 22 minutes.

Speaking after the race Mr Abbott said it was a great experience.

Today is the first time Mr Johnston has participated in the City2Surf.

The Sydneysider said it was "pretty special" to be able to do the run with the Opposition Leader.

The pair ran together in the 42km Sydney Marathon in 4 hours and 26 minutes in September last year.

Mr Abbott said it meant a lot to him to run alongside Mr Johnston.

"It's an exhilarating and amazing thing just to run a marathon," he said of their last run together.

"It's a terrific personal challenge for anyone but to do it with someone who it really is not just running a marathon, but climbing a mountain well that just is fantastic," he said.

Mr Johnston said it was a privilege to run alongside someone who could be Australia's next prime minister.

"I think he'd make a really good prime minister," he said.

"I think he can mate," he said when asked if he could run the country well.

Mr Abbott joked no records would be broken, but he hoped they could finish the race in 75 minutes.

Mr Abbott said before he started that he was hoping to finish the race in 75-80 minutes.

"It all depends what kind of a position you get at the start of the race," the Opposition Leader said.


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Victoria Beckham's sexy Aussie pictures

Victoria Beckham poses for theSeptember issue of Vogue Australia. Picture: Vogue Source: Vogue Australia

Victoria Beckham on the 2013 September issue of Vogue Australia. Picture: Vogue Source: Vogue Australia

HOW does Victoria Beckham get to her son's parent-teacher night? In a helicopter, of course.

The media savvy designer and mum of four was happy to pose for an exclusive photo shoot for Vogue Australia recently as long as she could get to her eldest child's school by 5pm. 
"The shoot almost didn't happen, but in the end her people decided she could make the trip by chopper directly from the shoot if need be," Vogue magazine editor Edwina McCann revealed to news.com.au. 
But all the drama was worth it to secure Victoria as the cover model of Vogue's prestigious September issue. A sneak peek of the cover (right) shows Victoria looking gorgeous in a lace camisole. 

"Victoria was the perfect choice for us because she has totally reinvented herself," said McCann. "She has gone from someone who was not taken very seriously in terms of fashion to garnering an incredible amount of respect and credibility as a designer."

That reinvention is no doubt in part down to Victoria's calculated management of her career and personal brand. 

"She is very particular," said McCann. "Victoria was across every look we chose. She had an opinion on every outfit and she knew what she did and did not want to wear. She is much more collaborative than many celebrities. Like Cate Blanchett she is very fashion literate."

That collaboration seems to have worked for Vogue who was allowed unprecedented access to the star, visiting her at her home and conducting the interview the Beckham's youngest child Harper, slept upstairs.  

In the interview Victoria reveals the family is excited about the next chapter in the lives as husband David finishes his soccer career. 

"We're all so proud of David. Having supported him at clubs all over the world for the past 15 years and seen how he has been an inspiration not just to me and the children but also to millions of people, we are now just really excited at the prospect of spending more time as a family," she said. 

And that family time is a lot more normal than people might think. 

"Honestly, once the children are in bed I'd rather work or shove on a face pack and pluck my eyebrows, by the time Brooklyn's finally gone to bed, it's all I'm fit for," Victoria tells Vogue. "Really, we're much more normal than people think."

That is unless you count hitching a helicopter to a parent-teacher night, of course. 

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Man charged with Maccas murder

The McDonald's on Camden Valley Way At The Central Hill Business Park, Gregory Hills. Picture: Attila Szilvasi Source: News Limited

A MAN was charged with murdering a work colleague in the toilets of a southwest Sydney McDonald's last night.

The 38-year-old man is alleged to have followed the 30-year-old woman into the toilets at the Gregory Hills outlet on Camden Valley Way and assaulted her.

The couple were allegedly involved in a row inside the 24-hour restaurant about 2.30am yesterday.

There were no other customers inside the restaurant but three young workers called an ambulance and police as the alleged dispute escalated with staff soon after finding Ranjit Singh, 38, and Sandeep Thind, 30, both injured, in the toilets.

The woman was taken to Campbelltown Hospital by ambulance but died a short time later.

The man, from Ingleburn, was treated at Liverpool Hospital for minor injuries before being released into the custody of police.

Detectives from Narellan police station charged him with one count of murder late last night.

He was refused bail and will remain in custody until his appearance in Parramatta Bail Court.

The busy McDonald's was open for business last night with the crime scene tape still evident.

Restaurant staff refused to comment on the incident but the three employees on duty at the time were being counselled yesterday.

A man has been charged with murder following the death of a woman in Sydney's south west this morning. NSW Ambulance Paramedics were called to a fast food restaurant on Camden Valley Way in Gregory Hills. The woman was found in the toilets. Picture: Attila Szilvasi Source: News Limited

Police have interviewed a Leumeah man, 38, after they were called to the restaurant in Gregory Hills, in Sydney's southwest, at 2.30am yesterday.

Staff found the injured pair, who had earlier been eating at the restaurant. The woman was rushed to hospital but was dead on arrival.

A man was treated at Liverpool Hospital for minor injuries before being released into the custody of police.

The Leumeah man was taken to Narellan Police Station where he was questioned over the incident.

A police media spokesman confirmed it was being treated as a domestic dispute. Charges are expected to be laid.

Detectives from Camden Local Area Command are investigating the case, and Strike Force Hanckel has been established to look into why and how she was killed.

The police have been interviewing a man regarding the incident after they were called to the fast food restaurant at 2.30am on Saturday morning.

The staff found the pair, who are not employed by McDonald's in Gregory Hills, but work there, injured in the toilets after they started arguing.

The 30-year-old woman was rushed to Campbelltown Hospital by NSW Ambulance Paramedics but died a short time later.

A 38-year-old man was treated at Liverpool Hospital for minor injuries before being released into the custody of police.

The man, from Leumeah, was taken to Narellan Police Station where he was questioned over the incident.

A police media spokesman confirmed it was being treated as a domestic dispute and they were expecting to charge the man over the woman's death.

Detectives from Camden Local Area Command are investigating the case, and Strike Force Hanckel has been established to look into why and how she was killed.

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Economy dominates leadership debate

THE first showdown of the election campaign was dominated by the state of the economy, Labor's GST scare campaign and a decision on a second airport for Sydney.

Laying out his pitch to the electorate, Kevin Rudd appealed for three more years to show ''new way" while Tony Abbott spoke directly to voters on the economy and border protection.

At the debate at the National Press Club in Canberra,  the Prime Minister made a pitch to young voters and then moved straight to economic management.

He said Labor had kept interests rates low, had abolished Work Choices, had introduced DisabilityCare and the NBN and he said there was more to be done.

Mr Rudd warned the mining boom was over but said Labor could deliver a bright new future and "a new way of positive politics in this country."

In a bid to turn the first leader's debate in favour of the government, he also pledged a vote on gay marriage with Labor MPs to act according to their conscience

Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd have  faced off in the first federal election debate. Picture: Stefan Postles

Mr Abbott said the Coalition party room would reconsider its position on gay marriage after the election.

On a controversial note, Mr Rudd was accused of breaching the rules by reading notes.

The debate's moderator, Sky News political editor David Speers, revealed following the debate that Mr Rudd had used the notes and that was not allowed.

According to the rules issued by the National Press Club on Friday, both Mr Abbott and Mr Rudd were prohibited from having the help with their memory.

"The leaders may have a pen and paper on the lectern and no other documentation or props,'' the rules stated.

The National Press Club of Australia Leaders' Debate

In the debate wrap up following, Speers said: "Kevin Rudd had notes. That wasn't allowed under the rules.''

Labor figure Graham Richardson said: "If I was Kevin Rudd, I would sack whoever wrote them."

Looking down the camera lens during the debate, Mr Abbott appealed directly to voters, telling them under a Coalition government the carbon tax would be scrapped, with compensation and tax cuts to stay, and boats arrivals would be stemmed.

"We can make your life better," he said.

He promised he would "make a decision" in his first term, if he won the election, on a second airport for Sydney but said the existing gateway to the city could be used more efficiently.

The National Press Club of Australia Leaders' Debate

Mr Rudd did not match the pledge.

Mr Abbott said a Coalition government would not raise the GST, could ease cost of living pressures and protect jobs and he listed infrastructure projects he has promised to help fund.

They included funding for the West Connex in Sydney, the East West Link in Melbourne, duplication of the Pacific Highway and an upgrade of the Bruce Highway in Queensland.

He focused on government failures throughout the debate, including the disastrous home insulation scheme which was linked to four deaths, the boat influx and 1000 deaths at sea, the NBN blowing its budget and the carbon price forecast of $38 a tonne by 2020.

The National Press Club of Australia Leaders' Debate

"Mr Rudd talks about a new way, well if you want a new way you have got to choose a new government," he said.

One of Mr Rudd's weakest points was when he was questioned on why Labor's spending is higher than under the Howard Government and over forecasts tens of thousands of people are will lose their jobs over coming months as unemployment rises.

Mr Rudd responded that the government had staved off recession during the Global Financial Crisis and created around one million jobs.

Mr Abbott's point of weakness emerged over how the Coalition will pay for its promises with Labor claiming there was a $70 billion black hole - a claim Mr Abbott called a "fantasy."

He did not articulate last night what cuts would be made to fulfil spending promises but said there had been "an enormous amount of waste over the past six years" and that the Coalition had already identified $17 billion in savings, which includes the axing of the Schoolkids bonus.

Debate erupted over the GST with Mr Rudd claiming it was "legitimate to raise questions about the future of the GST" in light of the Coalition's promises and a tax review the Opposition planned if it won government.

"The GST doesn't change under the Coalition," Mr Abbott shot back."The people watching this deserve better than a scare campaign from the Prime Minister of this country."


He said the campaign over the GST was "a little embarrassing to have the Prime Minister of this country, who had three years in power himself, he voted for the carbon tax...he was part of the surplus that never happened."

When asked if he had said the mining boom was coming to an end to cover over the budget problems after the government revealed a $30.1 billion deficit this financial year, Mr Rudd said the mining boom investment phase "was coming to a close."

Mr Abbott described Mr Rudd's explanation for his rhetoric as "waffle" and claimed if the boom was over it was because Labor had "killed it" with the mining tax and red tape.

The two leaders managed to agree on the debate format after weeks of argy bargy about the details.

Mr Rudd's first challenge was issued in the press conference he held after snatching back the Prime Ministership, but Mr Abbott always insisted any debate should be held during the campaign proper.

The debate was moderated by Sky News presenter David Speers and questions asked by a panel of journalists from the ABC, Fairfax and News Corp Australia.

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