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Did Lena Headey spoil GoT finale?

Written By komlim puldel on Minggu, 15 Juni 2014 | 23.09

The final instalment of Game of Thrones is set to send fans and Twitter into a meltdown when it airs this week

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister. Source: Supplied

AS THE countdown to the season four finale of Game of Thrones draws nearer, rumours are beginning to swirl about what will happen in "the best finale we've ever done, bar none."

Already lorded as "the finest hour" of television by writers David Benioff and Dan Weiss, who say they are "immensely proud ... and a little intimidated by the episode," the finale entitled "Little Children" will no doubt finish with a bang.


Finally, we will find out what happens to the imprisoned Tyrion. We'll witness the fallout of last week's battle between the Night's Watch and the wildlings. We'll know if Jon Snow makes it to Mance Rayder. We'll see Bran again.

If, like me, you've read the books, you already have a firm grasp on what is going to happen — and you're probably feeling pretty smug about it, too.

But has Lena Headey confirmed our suspicions on her Instagram account?

Eight weeks ago, the actor — who plays Cersei Lannister — posted a rather cryptic image which, if you've been following the television series but also know the book series, is starting to make sense.

The picture — captioned "My stone heart" - seemed to indicate one thing, and one thing alone: that Lady Stoneheart was about to enter the building.

Avid readers of the books will know that after being killed alongside her son and his companions at the Red Wedding in A Storm of Swords, Lady Catelyn makes an eerie resurrection as Lady Stoneheart.

There is yet to be a reference to Lady Stoneheart in the television version of the series, with some even questioning if the character would be written out of the show altogether.

Now, aside from a general feeling that she has to make a return at some point, it seems we have Lena Headey to thank for confirming our suspicions.

Will we be seeing Michelle Fairley again? Source: Supplied

Consider this also: Weiss and Benioff have nominated "The Children" for two Emmy Awards — Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, and Outstanding Prosthetic Make-Up. The Independent reports that they have not submitted any other episodes in these categories. What is prosthetic make-up used for? Transforming someone's face. Morphing Lady Stark into Lady Stoneheart would be no mean feat — in fact, could it not be a feat worthy of an Emmy?

Another factor to consider is that last week's show held a bloody — and expensive — battle. This week's episode is going to go for longer than usual — 66 minutes, in fact. If the battle is done, could the slightly longer episode have been devised to showcase Lady Stoneheart's emergence in all its glory? Will we perhaps even get to see her commence her command of the Brotherhood without Banners?

It seems Catelyn Stark's parody twitter account agrees with the notion. Wishful thinking? We think not:

It's also not the first time Headey has broken the golden spoiler rule on social media. She posted this picture on Instagram in April, eight weeks before episode 8 of season 4, "The Mountain and the Viper," aired. Many noted that the picture - which features Pedro Pascal, the actor who plays the Red Viper - seemed to point to his fate :

Two weeks later, she posted the offending stone hearts picture — again, making it about eight weeks before season 4 episode 10 was due to air. Do we sense a pattern?

What do you think? Will Catelyn Stark return as Lady Stoneheart in the finale? Share your thoughts with us below — but keep it off twitter, folks. Best not be the one to spoil that news.

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Injured girl, 3, ‘thrown out of KFC’

Attacked ... Victoria Wilcher was told to leave a KFC because her face was upsetting other customers. Source: Supplied

A THREE-YEAR-OLD girl whose face was scarred in a pit bull attack was asked to leave a KFC outlet after an employee said her face was "scaring the other diners."

Victoria Wilcher's family were so upset they took to Facebook to express their anger at the Jackson, Mississippi restaurant.

"Does this face look scary to you?" the family wrote on a page called Victoria's Victories . "Last week at KFC in Jackson MS this precious face was asked to leave because her face scared the other diners."

Victoria's Victories ... The Facebook page set up for Victoria Wilcher. Source: Supplied

Victoria's grandmother, Kelly Mullins told WAPT that the toddler was on a feeding tube at the time after being attacked in April by three of her grandfather's pit bulls. The dogs mauled her before turning on her grandfather, Donald Mullins and his girlfriend, Rita Tompkins. He was forced to shoot the animals, killing two of them.

Victoria suffered a broken jaw, broken cheekbones and eyesockets and a broken nose. She lost her right eye and the ability to move the right side of her face.

"I took her to the doctor and I went to KFC," Mrs Mullins said. "I ordered a large sweet tea and her some mashed potatoes and gravy because she was hungry. She was on a feeding tube at the time, but I figured she could just swallow (the potatoes).'

"They said, 'We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers'. (Victoria) understood exactly what they said."

"Now when we go somewhere, she don't want to get out," Mrs Mullins said.

Tragic ... Victoria after being attacked by three pit bulls. Source: Supplied

KFC spokesman Rick Maynard told WAPT that they had launched an investigation into the incident.

"We take this very seriously, as we have zero tolerance for any kind of hurtful or disrespectful actions toward our guests. Our investigation is ongoing, but we will make things right for this beautiful little girl and her family, and will work with the franchisee to take appropriate action at the restaurant," he said.

Victoria's grandfather and his girlfriend were charged with child endangerment and their eight other pit bulls were seized by animal welfare.

Happy little girl ... Victoria Wilcher before the attack. Source: Supplied

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Terror group tweets of execution

Iraq has pressed a counter-offensive against militants who have seized a swathe of the country.

THE terrorist group rampaging across Syria and Iraq has taken to Twitter to boast about its grisly exploits, by posting pictures of its soldiers butchering helpless victims.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has published the disturbing images via its official Twitter account, which depict unidentified soldiers gunning down what the organisation says are just a fraction of the 1700 Shi'ite military personnel it claims to have slaughtered.

ISIS had previously drawn the ire of the international community by releasing footage of the beheading of a police officer. The militants posted a picture of the man's head to Twitter with the comment: "This is our ball. It's made of skin #WorldCup."

The pictures appear to show ISIS fighters loading the captives on to flatbed trucks before forcing them to lie face-down in a shallow ditch with their arms tied behind their backs.

The final images appear to show the bodies of the captives soaked in blood after being shot.

They write that the killings are to avenge the death of an Islamic state commander.

Radical Islamic group ISIS tweeted a series of shocking photos which appear to show captives led to execution.

Iraq's top military spokesman, Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, confirmed the photos' authenticity on Sunday night and said he was aware of cases of mass murder of captured Iraqi soldiers.

The US has now deployed the aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush to the Persian Gulf, giving President Barack Obama a greater array of military options.

Mr Obama has said the US is considering "all options" — which would include air strikes — given he did not want to see extremists gain a "permanent foothold". But he appears to have ruled out sending in ground troops.

"Ultimately it's up to the Iraqis, as a sovereign nation, to solve their problems," he said.

Iran says it will assist the Iraqi government, with Iranians reportedly already co-operating with local forces.

The images tweeted by ISIS have been confirmed as authentic by Iraq's top military spokesman.

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has stepped forward saying the region's current woes cannot be blamed on the 2003 invasion of Iraq, saying there would still have been a "major problem" if failed dictator Saddam Hussein had remained to face the Arab Spring revolutions.

Mr Blair said there was a "regional problem", albeit one with the capacity to impact the West. "We have to liberate ourselves from the notion that 'we' have caused this," he wrote.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the West must not underestimate ISIS's potential to wreak havoc throughout the wider Middle East.

"The group which is now apparently in control of large swathes of Iraq and parts of Syria is a group that was too radical for al-Qa'ida," he said.

"They're an extremist splinter group from the most extremist terrorist group the world has seen, so let's not underestimate just how serious this situation is."

This photo tweeted by ISIS appears to show captives being trucked away.

Mr Abbott said he wanted to "wait and see" before making any decisions about military assistance, saying that it was a "complex difficult and developing situation".

One of the images tweeted by radical Islamic group ISIS, which appears to show captives about to be executed.

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Australia’s rich getting richer

Visy chairman Anthony Pratt pictured at The Global Food Forum in Sydney on Wednesday. Source: News Corp Australia

MORE than three quarters of Australians think the very wealthy are not paying enough tax.

The finding is contained in an Oxfam Australia report to be released on Monday which shows the nine richest Australians, including Gina Rinehart, Anthony Pratt and James Packer, have a net worth which exceeds that of the bottom 20 per cent of Australians.

Those nine individuals — who also include Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest, Harry Triguboff and Frank Lowy — are estimated by Oxfam to have a combined net worth of about $58.6 billion, more than the shared fortunes of the country's poorest 4.5 million people.

Retail king ... Frank Lowy's Westfield group operates over 100 shopping centres worldwide. Source: Supplied

Oxfam Australia's chief executive Helen Szoke said the organisation's report shows Australians are concerned about rising inequality, and want the matter addressed at the G20 forum to be held in Brisbane later this year.

Retail king ... Frank Lowy's Westfield group operates over 100 shopping centres worldwide. Source: News Limited

"Tackling inequality and sharing the benefits of economic growth has been on the G20's agenda before and it should be now, with the wealth gap ever-widening and evidence that inequality can be bad for growth itself," Dr Szoke said.

Top end of town ... gaming billionaire James Packer. Source: Supplied

"The Prime Minister should put inequality on the agenda for G20 leaders in Brisbane."

The report comes as the Greens prepare to push for a Senate Inquiry into inequality in Australia on the heels of the Abbott Government's tough first budget.

The Greens will attempt to secure the support of Labor, warning the Coalition has further cuts to welfare payments on the agenda, ahead of the release of Patrick McClure's interim review of the welfare system.

Billionaires row ... mining magnate Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest" is on the list. Source: News Corp Australia

The Oxfam report found that 79 per cent of Australians want world leaders to address the issue of growing inequality.

The same number of Aussies said they think the rich have too much influence over the direction the country is headed.

And more than a third, 64 per cent, of Australians said the widening gap between the rich and the poor was making Australia a worse place to live.

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Child kidnapped to stop vaccination

Kidnapped ... Daughter Lilly pictured playing with live ammunition. Source: Supplied

A YOUNG mum has gone on the run with her two-year-old daughter after she refused to have the child vaccinated and "brainwashed" in school with lessons about slavery.

Megan Elizabeth Everett, 22, was supposed to return her daughter, Lilly, to the child's father Robert Baumann, with whom she has a shared custody agreement.

Instead Ms Everett disappeared, leaving a note for Mr Baumann explaining her behaviour.

She wrote: "If I let them take her and vaccinate her and brainwash her, I wouldn't be doing what's right. I cannot let a judge tell me how my daughter should be raised. We will miss you. But I had to leave."

Ms Everett, from Sunrise, Florida, had supposedly resolved a custody battle with Mr Baumann in April with the parents agreeing 50/50 custody.

But according to the Orlando Sun-Sentinel, Ms Everett became involved with a man named Carlos Lesters, after which she severed ties with her family.

Gone ... Ms Everett, from Sunrise, Florida, disappeared in early May. Source: Supplied

Court documents describe Mr Lesters, who hasn't been accused of any crime, as a Confederate-flag-waving gun enthusiast.

Ms Everett's mother, Pam Everett, told the paper that the child should stay with the dad.

"In the state of mind my daughter is in, Lilly would be better off with Robert," Pam Everett said. "I have four kids, and Megan is my baby. I don't know what happened to her."

The FBI has joined the search for Ms Everett who has been charged with kidnapping, interference with custody and concealing a minor contrary to a court order.

"One of the issues we had was, she wanted to homeschool my daughter," Mr Baumann told the Orlando Sun-Sentinel. "I didn't want that to happen. She didn't want Lilly to learn about black history. She just wanted her to learn about the Confederacy."

Mr Baumann was planning to have Lilly vaccinated and enrolled in preschool.

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‘Drunk’ driver kills pleading dad

Tragic ... authorities lead Soukvilay Barton away in handcuffs after she ran over and killed her father. Source: AP

A CALIFORNIAN woman has run over and killed her own father, apparently as he was trying to stop her from driving drunk.

Riverside police Sgt. Dan Reeves told the Associated Press on Saturday that 37-year-old Soukvilay Barton ignored her father's pleas not to drive and backed her BMW convertible out of the garage, striking him.

Bounmy Rajsombath was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead on Friday night.

Witnesses said Barton had been drinking and fighting with her family before the incident, according to FoxNews.com.

When she saw that her father was injured, she reportedly sat crying before being taken into custody.

Barton was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and gross vehicle manslaughter and was held on $US75,000 ($79,770) bail.

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Big hopes for ‘Smallest Penis’ man

Big winner ... Rajeeve Gupta, a Fulbright scholar from India, was crowned the wiener of Brooklyn's second annual "Smallest ­Penis" competition. Source: Supplied

HERE'S to the little guys.

Participants in Brooklyn's "Smallest ­Penis" Contest came out swinging on Saturday — giving men who usually get the shaft a chance to flaunt their teenie weenies in their tighty whities.

Rajeeve Gupta, a Fulbright scholar from India, was crowned the wiener of the second annual sausage show, held at Bushwick's Kings County Bar, according to the New York Post .

"I'm so happy!" said Gupta, 28, after winning the wet-thong contest and performing a Bollywood dance in the talent competition.

"Hopefully I'll meet someone because of this."

"We always have a lot of contestants but at the last minute they pull out," said bar owner Aimee Arciuolo.

"Raj was definitely the ­littlest big winner."

Read more at the New York Post .

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Hoarder ‘living on roof due to clutter’

Above the mess ... A South Houston man has opted to live on his roof rather than clean up the clutter in and around his house. Picture: KPRC Source: Supplied

A MAN whose house is so cluttered has opted to sleep on his roof for a year rather than clean up the mess.

KPRC reports that the unidentified man on Klondike Street in South Houston has been warned over the past 10 years to clean up the garbage by both neighbours and officials. He has even been thrown in jail multiple times for failing to comply with clean up orders.

Instead of simply cleaning up, the man has a ladder and makeshift bed up on his roof where he sleeps, according to neighbours.

Fire inspectors have found the home to be a safety hazard that could threaten the neighbourhood and have again ordered a clean up, which is expected to take three days.

The man will be forced to pay for the time and effort spent cleaning up his home.

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