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Next Top Model gets star judge

Written By komlim puldel on Minggu, 28 September 2014 | 23.08

Glynis Traill-Nash catches up with the fashion designer and Brazilian model after Alex Perry's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week show.

Super guest ... major model Alessandra Ambrosio is in Australia to be a guest judge on Australia's Next Top Model. Picture: Getty Images Source: Supplied

SUPERMODEL and Victoria's Secret star Alessandra Ambrosio will arrive in Sydney on Tuesday to film an episode of the new season of Australia's Next Top Model.

The Brazilian beauty is the first confirmed guest judge for the next instalment of the hit Foxtel reality series and will act as a mentor to the 12 finalists.

HONOUR: Ex-Australia's Next Top Model contestants pay tribute to Charlotte Dawson

Ambrosio's duties this week will include helping the new crop of wannabe models to navigate their very first photo shoot.

Old friends ... Alessandra Ambrosio walked the runway for Alex Perry, ANTM judge, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in April. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images

The theme of the photo shoot will be natural beauty — meaning no make-up, just fresh and unaltered looks.

Ambrosio will also be present on judgement day when one of the girls will be sent home.

Following the sudden and tragic death of model and former judge Charlotte Dawson earlier this year, producers of the show opted against formally replacing her on the panel.

Instead, a series of high-profile industry guests will help fashion designer Alex Perry and model Jennifer Hawkins to find a winner.

Major mentor ... supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio will help the Australia's Next Top Model finalists with their first-ever photo shoot. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images

"I am so excited," Perry said. "Alessandra is an iconic beauty and ranked in the top 10 supermodels in the world.

"The fact she will be able to spend a few days with our girls and share her knowledge and expert advice at their first photo shoot is beyond priceless."

Judgement day ... part of Alessandra Ambrosio's duties on Australia's Next Top Model will include sending one of the girls home. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images

Ambrosio is one of the most successful models in the world and has represented a number of high-profile brands, from Christian Dior to Prada.

But she's best known for fronting lingerie powerhouse Victoria's Secret for the past decade.

Her husband Jamie Mazur and two children Anja and Noah will tag along on her trip to Australia, it's understood.

Family affair ... Alessandra Ambrosio with husband Jamie Mazur, who will accompany her to Australia this week. Picture: Instagram Source: Supplied

Hands-on mum ... Alessandra Ambrosio with children Noah and Anja. Picture: Instagram Source: Supplied

A Foxtel spokesman said more big name guests would be announced in coming weeks, with rumours suggesting '90s icon Linda Evangelista is among those being considered.

Filming of Australia's Next Top Model began at the weekend and the new season will air early next year on Fox8.

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Why virtual reality is surprisingly not s***

Stuart Kennedy explores virtual reality with the Oculus Rift headset

Experience being in an asteroid field. Source: Supplied

WE HAVE been promised a mind-blowing virtual reality experience for so long that it's hard to take the claims seriously anymore.

Of course 3D has come a long way since 1953 when people sat in cinemas with red-and-blue paper glasses and were amazed when a paddle ball popped out of the screen.

And who could forget James Cameron's 2009 film Avatar, which paved the way for more liberal use of 3D in movies with varying success.

But until now the experience has been confined to cinemas and you still feel like you are sitting there watching and not participating in what's going on.

So when my boyfriend came home with what I thought was the latest 3D gimmick, the much hyped Oculus Rift headset, I was sceptical.

But after trying it, I'm a convert. Even without hyper realistic graphics, I was surprised at how immersive using the Oculus Rift actually was.

Yes, you look silly but it's worth it. Picture: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong Source: AAP

Firstly, a disclaimer, I'm no gaming expert. I would say my experience mostly consists of games of Mario Kart with my sisters circa 1997 but I have tried some new releases and I know that graphics have improved dramatically.

I tried the Oculus Rift DK2 and a program called Sightline: The Chair, which is designed to showcase the possibilities of the headset. It uses 3D graphics but is much more interactive.

The virtual reality headset was developed after its creators raised more than $2 million from crowd-funding in 2012, and since then they have released prototypes so game developers can be part of the design process.

Entering the virtual reality world means there are limitless possibilities. Source: Supplied

The headset itself feels quite heavy when you are wearing it but you don't notice it much once the program starts. It's designed to be plugged into your home computer and my experience was greatly enhanced by the use of some decent headphones.

Sightline: The Chair did not need any extra controls as the idea was to sit in a swivel chair (so you can take advantage of the 360 degree view - trust me you'll want to do this) and watch the world change around you. When you move your head, the landscape changes too, so you really feel as if you are exploring a surreal new world.

The graphics still look like a computer game version of reality but the sound and the fact that you control what you see makes you feel like you are actually in a game, which is quite a cool feeling. In a strange way, the virtual reality world seems like a legitimate world all of its own and it's quite exciting to think that in this place, anything is possible.

Sightline: The Chair is a fantastic way to get a taste of these possibilities as it features a series of scenes that merge from a peaceful field, which is quite relatable, into a rainy cityscape and at one stage turns into a weird spider web world. The transitions between each world are very subtle so seems quite natural.

The strange thing is, you know that the world is not real, it does not even look that real but it's hard not to actually react as if it is real.

Weird spider web world in Sightline: The Chair. Source: Supplied

At one stage I had to fight the urge to reach out and touch a large block that appeared next to me. I had to remind myself - it's not actually there.

One of the best scenes takes you into space where planets and asteroids whiz around you. It feels as if you are sitting alone on a chair floating through the galaxy and it is truly an amazing experience.

It feels real: Flying through the universe. Source: Supplied

After trying the Oculus Rift, I felt like I began to understand, for the first time, the potential that virtual reality technology offers and how much of a game changer it's going to be.

Designer Peter Gould, who purchased the kit that my boyfriend borrowed, said it was an exciting time for creative teams experimenting with the possibilities that the new technology offered.

Some even believe that one day it will be common for each individual to create their own virtual reality world and this will become a way for people to get to know each other, by experiencing each other's curated worlds.

"I'm certain it won't be long before virtual reality is commonplace in classrooms, boardrooms and homes so it's fun to be part of this early phase," Gould said. "The future looks very promising, especially if we can build compelling educational programs."

However, there's no question the technology requires more tweaks before it is ready for mass release.

While anyone is able to buy development kits for the Oculus Rift (the DV2 costs US$350) it is still in development phase and my boyfriend had to scour the internet for programs to play and spend time getting them to work the way they should.

Familiar one minute and surreal the next: The world of Oculus Rift. Source: Supplied

The experience can also leave you with a headache. I tried another program that positions you in a plane and the aim was to use a controller to fly through golden hoops suspended in the sky. Visually it looked amazing but I am terrible at manoeuvring and so my clumsy, jerky movements just gave me a bad headache after just a few minutes.

There was also a rollercoaster ride that I was not up to trying but which has got some funny reactions online and also a program where you can experience flying, which my boyfriend said was lots of fun.

For those who think that virtual reality is a gimmick that will never infiltrate our real lives, the Oculus Rift is a wakeup call. Facebook bought the company in July for more than $2 billion and it is getting closer to releasing a consumer product, recently releasing a new lighter device called Crescent Bay. There's no question that this is going to be the next big thing in entertainment. But hey, what would I know? I don't play computer games.


What I tried: The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2, cost US$350.

More information: http://www.oculus.com/

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Kanye stakes his claim

Firm grip ... Kim Kardashian star shared this racy snap of husband Kanye West clutching her famous backside. Picture: Kim Kardashian via Instagram Source: Supplied

SHE has the world's most famous backside, so it's no surprise Kim Kardashian's husband is staking his claim.

The 33-year-old reality star shared a racy picture of her and husband Kanye West walking down a staircase in Paris, with 37-year-old West possessively gripping her derrière.

Kim gently rested her arm on the rapper's shoulder as he escorted her down the stairs.

The newlyweds are still in Paris for fashion week, but insiders say the pair have worn out their welcome.

Sources say the couple have been branded "fashion flu" by industry insiders for their headline-grabbing antics.

PARIS FASHION WEEK: Kimye dubbed 'fashion flu'

BORING: Kim's daring outfit draws yawns

They brought their one-year-old child North to a Balenciaga show, held up Lanvin's show for 40 minutes, got attacked by a Ukrainian prankster outside Balmain's show, and even revealed their collective cleavage.

"People are so mad about Kimye being here," a fashion insider sniffed to The New York Post, adding that Paris regulars are "fatigued with the whole family." (Kim's sister Kendall Jenner walked in Balmain's Paris show, and mumager Kris was also in town.)

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Anger over Grand Final stripper at MCG

Heather McCartney leaves court. Picture: Hamish Blair Source: News Corp Australia

THE Melbourne Cricket Club has launched an investigation into the hiring of a stripper who performed for guests in a corporate box at Saturday's Grand Final.

In a major embarrassment for the AFL, Scottish model Heather McCartney shocked fans with an explicit post-match show shortly after the final siren.

Heather McCartney leaves court. Picture: Hamish Blair Source: News Corp Australia

The model pictured before she went au naturel. Source: Supplied

The 26-year-old flew to Melbourne from her Gold Coast home for footy's biggest day and explained that after a big session drinking she just got carried away.

She was fined for stripping off in a corporate box. Source: Supplied

Shocked fans witnessed her nude antics. Source: Supplied

But sources told the Herald Sun that McCartney, who goes by the name Eva Darling and has worked for FHM, Playboy and Zoo, was paid to strip.


In a Hawthorn scarf, McCartney watched the game from the comfort of a corporate box believed to be owned by a prominent Melbourne building firm. After, she got her kit off, shocking nearby patrons, landing her in jail and earning her a $300 fine.

Police arrest the model. Source: Supplied

"It was a bet: I said if Hawthorn win, I'm getting naked. They won, and I got naked," she told the Herald Sun. "What a f---ing day, it was great."

One man who claimed to be in the box said McCartney was hired as an escort and promised double pay if she "got naked and cheered in front of "everyone".

During her out-of-control antics, she kicked and punched police who tried to arrest her, attacking one with a high heel and biting another on the finger. "F--- off, I don't have to tell you anything, you f---ing retard," she yelled before hitting one officer in the face.

Pictures of McCartney's routine flooded ­social media and sparked anger among AFL fans. AFL Fans Association spokesman Brian Clarke said he was disgusted by the return of the "blokey culture" to AFL.

Heather McCartney is a Scottish model. Source: Supplied

"It's a disgrace. It's the people's game and it's for families," he said. "This goes against everything the AFL has been trying to achieve. I hope the AFL come down hard on those who were behind this."

Spokesman Patrick Keane said the AFL had been unaware of the incident on the day. "But the behaviour was completely unacceptable to occur at an AFL game. The MCC is investigating further, and the AFL will await further information."

MCC spokesman Shane Brown said it would work with Victoria Police and the client to establish the circumstances, and appropriate action would be taken. "From the evidence available, we are very disappointed ... and are taking the matter seriously."


Originally published as Anger over Grand Final stripper at MCG
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Amateur finds 22,000 Roman coins

Big haul ... builder Laurence Egerton has uncovered 20,000 Roman coins from the 4th century in England. Picture: British Museum via Twitter Source: Supplied

AN amateur treasure hunter found the biggest ever haul of 4th century Roman coins — and slept in his car for three nights to guard them.

Laurence Egerton, 51, uncovered the coins — dating from AD260 to AD348 — in East Devon, England, in November last year.

The semiretired builder took up metal detecting seven years ago, and was stunned at his luck.

"Between finding the hoard and the archaeologists excavating the site, I slept in my car alongside it for three nights to guard it," Mr Egerton told English newspaper, The Telegraph.

He said he initially found two small coins the size of a thumbnail near the top of the soil in a field close to the previously excavated site of a Roman villa.

His continued to dig after his metal detector indicated there was more iron in the ground.

That's when Mr Egerton found his treasure.

"The next shovel was full of coins — they just spilt out over the field," he told The Telegraph.

"It's by far the biggest find I've ever had. It really doesn't get any better than this.

"I'm fascinated by history although I was never really interested at school. Over the years I have found lots of interesting items but never anything of this magnitude."

Although the coins represented only a few months' wages for a Roman soldier back in the day, historians say they are now worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The collection, now known as the Seaton Down Hoard, are on temporary display at the British Museum.

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery in Exeter hopes to raise money to buy the collection and has appealed for public donations, the Independent reported.

Mr Egerton will reportedly be eligible to split the money from the sale 50/50 with the landowner, but said he'd like to keep one coin as a memento.

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Haider’s former partner in shock

The former girlfriend of Numan Haider, the man shot dead after shooting two police. Source: Supplied

THE former girlfriend of terrorism suspect Numan Haider is reeling after his shock death.

Harder's friends, who knew him as Norman, have described how he went off the rails after the couple's split.

The Herald Sun has been in contact with the 18-year-old, but she and her family have asked for privacy. The newspaper has chosen not to name her. The girl's friends have said she was absolutely shocked by his attack on police and subsequent death.






It is understood she attended Haider's funeral at the Afghan Mosque in Doveton on Friday. The family were said to have then left home for a few days to clear their heads.

The girl's well-respected family live in Endeavour Hills, the same suburb Haider grew up in and where he was fatally shot by police last Tuesday after he stabbed two policemen with a knife.

Police and Muslim leaders have called for calm.

The girl and Haider both attended the same high school, Lyndale Secondary College, where it is believed they began dating.

It is claimed Haider had been "radicalised" by extremist group Al-Furqan and was recently seen waving an Islamic State flag at Dandenong Mall.

Despite earlier reports that they were married, the Herald Sun has been told that is incorrect.

A neighbour said the ex-girlfriend's family were good people.

"They are quiet, they looked after the place, I think they're away now since all this has happened," he said.

He recalled about six months ago giving a young man and his neighbour's daughter a jump-start when his car would not start, but he was unsure if it was Haider.

"I saw the photo in the paper and it wasn't someone I immediately recognised, but he may have recently shaved his head," he said.

"I was aware of the car coming and going all the time, I actually thought that he lived there.

"He wasn't one of those that used to tear up and down the street, and we've got a few of them. I didn't really speak to her but he was always very respectful."

Originally published as Haider's former partner in shock
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BAND ON THE RUN: Pink diamond ring stolen

Missing ... a diamond ring worth more than $500,000 has been stolen from Theodore Bruce auctions in Alexandria. Picture: NSW Police Source: Supplied

A RARE diamond ring worth $577,000 has been stolen from a Sydney auction house.

The pink Argyle and white diamond ring was snatched from a display counter at Theodore Bruce Auctions and Valuers in Alexandria between 12.30pm and 1.25pm on Saturday, NSW Police said.

An attendant at the auction discovered the ring was missing and called cops.

About 100 people were inside the Ralph Street centre when the ring was stolen, police said.

Each of the diamonds in the ring is laser-inscribed with a serial number.

Police said they have not been able to acquire CCTV footage of the robbery.

Scene ... the ring was on display at Theodore Bruce Auctions in Alexandria. Picture: Googlemaps Source: Supplied

About 90 per cent of the world's pink Argyle diamonds are sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the East Kimberly region in Western Australia.

In October 2013, a 2.51-carat fancy deep pink gem from the mine sold for more than $2 million — a record price for an Argyle diamond.

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Royal daughter ‘would be named Diana’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are 'very pleased to announce' they are expecting their second child.

Born to rule ... Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge show off their new-born baby George, in July 2013. Picture: Leon Neal Source: AFP

WITH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expecting a second child, speculation is mounting as to what name they will choose.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton, who penned the life story of the late Princess of Wales, has stepped into the fray, telling the Sun on Sundaythat a daughter would be named Elizabeth Diana Windsor.

Great expectations ... Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge during one of her last public appearances before needing time off due to acute morning sickness. Picture: Oli Scarff Source: Getty Images

"Close friends to William and Kate have told me that if it is a girl they want to name the baby after Diana," Morton says. "They discussed girls' names before George was born and now they're hoping the next one is a girl so they can carry out their wish to honour William's mother. They're not too thrilled at the thought it will be shortened to Princess Di. But it won't change their minds."

Morton also speculated that reversing the names - to Diana Elizabeth - would displease royals who were still smarting from the "hostility" between the Princess of Wales and the royal family.

Sign of respect ... Prince William (front) would like to name a daughter after his mother Diana - pictured holding Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace. Picture: Tim Graham Source: Supplied

Meanwhile, Royal aides have told the Mail on Sunday that the Duchess will return to official duties next month, after suffering from acute morning sickness: "There will be engagements in October and November. We just haven't announced them yet."

Australian feminist commentator Germaine Greer has weighed in on the Duchess's recent health challenges, telling Newsweek Europe: The girl is too thin. Meanwhile, she is vomiting her guts up and shouldn't have been made to go through all this again so soon. It's not so much that she has to be a womb, but she has to be a mother. I would hope after this one she says, 'That's it. No more'."

"Kate is a great deal more intelligent than the rest of the royals. She has been put in charge of William. She has a bastard of a job," she says.

Happy family ... Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum in July. Picture: John Stillwell Source: Getty Images

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