Brothers ‘lured by death cult’

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Clarissa Ward from CBS spoke to Abu Ibrahim who was trafficked to Syria to join a jihad. This clip is a snippet from the interview. Courtesy: CBC News

THE two teenage brothers blocked from leaving Sydney under suspicion they were heading to fight in the Middle East are being investigated under the tough federal anti-terrorism laws that carry a maximum of life in jail.

Aged 16 and 17, the brothers are also understood to be among the youngest would-be jihadis on the country's no-fly list.

"They are on a watch list and there will be no way they will be able to board a plane under their own names," a source said.

Their passports will have been seized, the source said.

The brothers were freed to return with their parents to their southwest Sydney home after being intercepted at Sydney Airport on Friday night when they turned up with return tickets to an undisclosed Middle Eastern country.


CCTV footage released yesterday shows them wearing T-shirts and carrying backpacks as they are led away by customs officials apparently after going through passport control.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the arrests of the "misguided young Australians" apparently heading to join Islamic State was a sign the government's tough new foreign fighters laws were working.

"If you get out and try to come back we'll stop you at the border on the way back," he said yesterday.

"It seems they had succumbed to the lure of the death cult and they were on the verge of doing something terrible and dangerous.

"I'm pleased they have been stopped. My message to anyone who is listening to the death cult is: block your ears."

Muslim community leader Dr Jamal Rifi said parents needed help to enable them to spot any telltale signs their children were being radicalised and that young people needed help to "empower" them to reject these messages on social media.

"These two teens were prevented from making a deadly mistake," he said.

Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton has called on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to confirm his support for a raft of proposed legislation aimed at border security.

He said that the boys had aroused the suspicion of "two alert Customs and Border Protection officers" who referred them to the terrorism unit after their bags were searched.

The brothers were "kids, not killers" who had been saved from potential death, and the case highlighted the need for strong border protection laws.

An AFP spokesman said the teens had not been issued with court attendance notices but had been arrested under suspicion of attempting to prepare for incursions into foreign countries for the purpose of engaging in hostile activities pursuant to Section 119.4 Criminal Code 1995.

"They were subsequently unarrested and released into their parents' custody," the spokesman said.

"Investigations in relation to this matter are ongoing."

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