The cuts Gina wanted in House of Hancock

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TV sensation ... Mandy McElhinney as Gina Rinehart in House of Hancock. Picture: Peter Brew Bevan Source: Supplied

Gina Rinehart has reached a settlement with the Nine Network over the second episode of House of Hancock.

THIS is the scene Gina Rinehart did not want the Australian public to see.

Cutting an imposing figure, a present-day Rinehart (played by Mandy McElhinney) lumbers slowly across the red dirt of the Pilbara. Behind her, explosions rock the landscape.

This striking, if somewhat unflattering image was the original ending to Channel 9's miniseries, House of Hancock.

It is one of several scenes the billionaire went to great lengths to prevent being seen by the Australian public — but her battle with the Nine Network may not be over.

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Miniseries ... present-day Gina Rinehart is played by Mandy McElhinney in House of Hancock. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

On Friday, the image-conscious mining magnate made an urgent application to the Supreme Court of NSW seeking access to the full episode, which has been viewed by News Corp. Arguing that House of Hancock part two likely contained injurious falsehoods, was defamatory, and breached consumer law, Rinehart was granted a preview.

While details of the settlement were not made public, several changes were made to the version that screened on Sunday night, including an added disclaimer, shown before and after the episode aired, stating that the story is "a drama, not a documentary", and that some events have been fictionalised.

Agreement ... a court ordered this disclaimer be shown before and after the House of Hancock episode aired. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

While Rinehart reached a last-ditch confidential settlement with the network before the final episode, AAP understands the mining magnate is considering her legal options.

Ms Rinehart's solicitor Mark Wilks said after the program that Nine had been aware of glaring errors in the second episode that were misleading and "twisted".

Despite the network's disclaimer the show was a "drama, not a documentary", it remained devoid of factual accuracy, he told AAP.

TV show ... Mandy McElhinney starred as Gina Rinehart in Channel Nine's House of Hancock. Picture: Nine Network Source: Supplied

Scene ... Mandy McElhinney and Sam Neill in a scene from House of Hancock. Picture: Supplied Source: Channel 9

In a litany of complaints, Mr Wilks said scenes showing Ms Rinehart conversing with her deceased father were "entirely false".

"(The scenes are) offensive and endeavours to question Mrs Rinehart's sanity, soundness of mind or acumen," he told AAP.

Mr Wilks dismissed what he said were suggestions Ms Rinehart had conspired to prepare a deed that would circumvent her father's final will.

Legal action ... Tom Blackburn (third from left), Gina Rinehart's legal representative, leaves the Supreme Court. Picture: Supplied Source: News Corp Australia

The suggestion Ms Rinehart confronted her father while he was in hospital was also offensive and inconsistent with the reality she loved her father and wouldn't upset him in hospital, he said.

Ms Rinehart's solicitor also complained the show got dates wrong.

"Ms Rinehart did not arrange security glass for HPPL's offices until late 1997," Mr Wilks said.

The uncut version also contained a storyline that Rinehart deemed too sensational even for a fictitious story.

This referred to a sexual harassment case brought against her by a former security guard, and which was reported to have been settled out of court at the time.

In one of the missing scenes, a furious Rinehart berates her daughter when she is caught in bed reading a magazine, the cover of which features the scandalous allegations.

If Rinehart was unhappy with House of Hancock, her one-time stepmother Rose Porteous (played by Peta Sergeant) is equally so.

Based on their epic legal battles over the late Lang Hancock's vast fortune, the second episode depicted Porteous in a very harsh light.

In one scene, she is forcibly removed from an ailing Lang's sickbed, and having shouting matches over the changes to his will.

Contentious ... Sam Neill and Peta Sergeant in House of Hancock. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

Rinehart's solicitor Mark Wilks said Channel Nine series House of Hancock was "replete with falsehoods" and "is almost entirely fiction".

Here are some of the "glaring errors" Rinehart identified:

— from at least after the marriage of Frank Rinehart, Lang Hancock never took John Hancock on an outing to any park or elsewhere by himself.

— Rinehart never met her father and Rose Porteous at the airport after his surgery as she was overseas. Therefore the Rinehart and Porteous confrontation never happened.

— the scene depicting Rinehart confronting Hancock while he was in hospital was "untrue" and "grossly offensive to Mrs Rinehart" because she loved her dad.

— the scene showing Rinehart having a conversation with her deceased father is "offensive, given it didn't occur and may question sanity".

— the scene in which Alan Camp meets Rinehart at her mother's grave to tell her Lang Hancock had changed his will is "false". Rinehart says she was living with her children in the US at the time.

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