I’m a Celebrity recap: ‘Marcia goes to Africa’

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In the first episode of Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! TV royalty Maureen McCormick struggles with her new reality of being stuck in a South African jungle with a bunch of Australians shes never heard of.

(L-R) Merv Hughes, Laura Dundovic Chrissie Swan, Joel Creasey, Maureen McCormick, Leisel Jones, Lauren Brandt, Andrew Daddo, Tyson Mayr and Barry Hall on episode 1 of I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! Picture: Nigel Wright Source: Channel 10

THERE are two things you have to hand to the producers of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Firstly they resisted the urge to use Guns and Roses' Welcome to The Jungle in their opening sequence.

Well done, loved the choppers and the Wagner, nice nod to Apocalypse Now and fun way to blow of some budget.

But moreover they kept just who was going into jungle pretty well hidden, although, most of us could join the dots.

Cricketer probably means either Merv or, well actually, it pretty much just meant Merv.

AFL legend was a broader call but Barry Hall is a great choice (but more of that later).

Joel Creasy is a slight left field call, although I think he's one of this countries funniest and brightest young comedians.

An opinion he almost completely destroyed about three quarters of an hour in when he seemed incapable of figuring out how a gate worked.

As for four time Logie nominee, well that runs the gamut from Bert Newtown to the guy that cleaned my windscreen at the lights this morning.

Barry Hall is a great choice. Picture: Nigel Wright Source: Channel 10

Cricket means Merv ... or Merv. Picture: Nigel Wright Source: Channel 10

Jungle campers ... the cast of I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! includes Joel Creasey, Chrissie Swan, Andrew Daddo, Laura Dundovic, Tyson Mayr, Leisel Jones, Maureen McCormick, Merv Hughes, Leisel Jones, Barry Hall and Lauren Brandt. Picture: Nigel Wright Source: Supplied

The rest we all know by now and we can all say, 'well yeah fair enough they're in' and let's face it, you would actually have to have a heart of ice cold granite not to at least say well, 'Good onya for having a crack'.

Oh and let's also get this out of the way Chrissie Swan always bring a smile to my face.

But that wasn't what the first show was about.

It wasn't about the crocodiles. I think we saw one, well maybe from a distance, it wasn't about the maggots, or the out door dunny (although I could have listened to Andrew Daddo talk about poo for at least another five or six nanoseconds).

It was all about Maureen McCormick — she of Marcia Brady of Brady Bunch fame. She helped so many men of my age and younger get through our early adolescence. Hell, it was Marcia "Friggin" Brady people!

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Maureen McCormick is the surprising talent in I'm a Celebrity ... Picture: Nigel Wright Source: Channel 10

"Ms McCormick seemed suitably sweet". Source: Supplied

"You got the feeling that she really hadn't Googled the whole concept". Source: Supplied

The only thing that would have gotten me more excited if there was a last minute entrance from Campbell Newman riding naked on a hippo and drinking bourbon from a baboon's skull. Keep an eye out for that, it may just happen in future episodes.

Ms McCormick seemed suitably sweet and just a little confused to the point where you got the feeling that she really hadn't "Googled" the whole concept as thoroughly as she probably should have.

But she seemed fine as our celebrities all gathered at the luxury resort, although she did seem to wince more and more worryingly each time the name Marcia Brady was mentioned.

The Brady Bunch cast, featuring Florence Henderson (Carol) and Maureen McCormick (Marcia). Source: News Limited

Those were the days: Maureen McCormick from The Brady Bunch. Source: News Limited

Which was often, very often accompanied as it was by local women singing that beautiful traditional African song (and I translate loosely) - "There is a chance that not all of you will come back alive".

After that, there was the usual hiking, more hiking, a bit more hiking and good old Chrissie got crap dumped on her for the good of the team. That's probably a lesson she learned from all those years on commercial radio.

What I liked was seeing various people forming friendships, like Maureen and Chrissie, Tyson and everyone (seriously that guy is almost annoyingly good at everything) and the unlikely but enjoyable combination of Joel Creasy with Barry Hall.

In fact that's my two predictions from the first night, once this is over Joel and Barry will tour the clubs in a remake of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple.

And secondly Maureen McCormack will either "tap out" in the first week or she may gather the rest of them around her in some sort of awful cult, Kurtz style.

Demonically leading them into a dreadful heart of darkness until a commando squad is sent in to bring her to justice.

Ah! So that's why they were playing Ride Of The Valkyries at the beginning.

It's all starting to make sense to me now.

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